Learn Piano at our studio, or online, or we can come to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get good enough to play my favourite songs from the radio?
Most students can start learning their favourite songs within the first month of lessons! We have simplified versions of every song to suit every level.

Do I need a piano, or is a keyboard enough?
A keyboard is a nice way to start your journey into piano playing, as they are quite cheap, and pianos can be expensive, especially if you are still unsure if you are serious about it. You don’t want to spend tons of money on a piano only to find out it’s not for you!
If you are serious about learning, the best option is to get an electronic piano; very similar to the standard of real pianos, and much more affordable.

I want to buy a piano or keyboard but I don’t know where to look, or what’s good to get. Help!
No problem! Our teachers can assist you in buying either a good cheap keyboard, or a decent piano for any price range depending on your budget.
If you would like to start learning immediately but you don’t have an instrument, call or text us on 0431 806 747, email us at info@internationalaom.com, or use the CONTACT US button at the top of the page to get in touch with us to recommend the right keyboard or piano for you!
A good keyboard can cost as little as $150, and a good electronic piano can cost as little as $800.

What times and days do you do lessons?
Our lessons occur throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, morning to evening. We are very flexible, so we would be happy to accommodate a time that suits you best!

What are skype lessons like?
They are just as fun and educational as studio or home lessons! Our skype teachers are selected on the basis of ear talent, so they will be able to detect your mistakes even with their eyes closed, which makes them perfect as Skype teachers!

Are the lessons private?
Yes, all lessons are 1 on 1. If you are interested in group classes, hit the Contact Us button at the top of the page to submit your interest!

How long should my lesson be?
Generally a half an hour lesson is best for most students. For those students who really want to accelerate their progress, or for more advanced students, an hour lesson is ideal.

Do you take students for AMEB Exams?
Yes! This is very popular among students, and all teachers at the International Academy of Music are qualified to train and send students for AMEB exams, from preliminary to 8th grade. The average score of our students is A!

Which areas and suburbs do you teach?
We provide lessons across Sydney, to all suburbs within a 50km radius of the Sydney CBD for travelling lessons. We also teach at our Guildford studio located in the Parramatta region, and we even offer Skype lessons if you want to learn from your computer!

I’m an adult who’d love to learn but I’ve never played before. Can I have Piano Lessons?
Of course you can! Many of our students have been adults, you are never too old to start learning. Don’t think that you are too old, or too far behind to start; with only 15 mins practice a day, we guarantee you can be very skilled within only a few months. We can teach you to play anything you like, any song, from anywhere – so contact us today to start your piano journey now!

What qualifications do the teachers at the International Aacademy of Music have?
We only select the best piano teachers from applicants, and we are proud to say that our teachers are among the best in NSW, in terms of experience, personality, and skill.
All teachers have a working with childrens check issued by the NSW government, and have ideal teaching personalities that include friendliness and patience whch makes them perfect as rteachers, especially to newer students who may ne a little nervous.
Above all, all our teachers are of a very high skill level. Almost all of the teachers at the International Academy of music have completed all of the AMEB exams successfully and have even gone beyond this level to study and complete diplomas, Bachelor degrees in Music, are performers across Australia, or possess extra abilities such as perfect pitch which greatly enchances their music teaching.